There are so many ways for you to get involved. I recommend plugging into local grassroots organizations close to home. There's something about community and accountability that helps us return to meaningful work week after week. If you're having trouble finding organizations on your own, below is a very incomplete list of places you can start, curated from my research and recommendations from sources from my book. These groups can serve as resources to helping you discover the movement building going on in your backyard, or they may serve as a landing place for you. 

If the following organizations don't lead you to local resources, Google around. Email organizations you'd like to contribute to. I highly recommend using Twitter and Facebook to follow groups and people doing work that inspires you. Many of these folks are most active on social media and their updates can direct you to amazing resources and ways to get involved. Engage them, follow their followers, attend their events and invite your friends along. Blog, tweet and post about your involvement and what you are learning. If you're the church-going type, invite your small group or congregation to join in the journey. And let me know how where this journey takes you by tweeting me @deborahjianlee and using the hashtag #rescuingjesus.