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In partnership with Religion Dispatches, I’m launching/hosting a podcast and am currently looking for a freelance producer. The person will work on a per-episode basis as an independent contractor for the first season (6-12 full episodes, 6-12 mini episodes). Pay is competitive.

The podcast grew out of my book (Rescuing Jesus: How People of Color, Women and Queer Christians are Reclaiming Evangelicalism, Beacon Press 2015) and my decade of reporting on the vital and vibrant worlds of marginalized groups in religious culture, especially communities of color, women and the LGBTQ community. It'll be mostly an interview podcast with some recurring segments. The show will explore the intersection of religion, justice and life in the work of faith leaders, entertainers, authors, activists and other interesting folks. The podcast aims for entertaining conversations and storytelling that center underrepresented communities. I’m looking for a top-notch producer to work closely with me and help make this happen.

The ideal candidate will be an avid podcast listener, skilled in the art of digital audio editing and possess a strong understanding of storytelling, dialogue, and conversational structure that make for compelling audio. Preference given to those with a passion for the podcast’s subject matter, or at least the journalistic chops to learn and understand its complexity and nuance. People from minority/underrepresented groups encouraged to apply.


  • Own the audio production process, including editing, mixing, and publication. May occasionally need to find music or audio clips to incorporate, generate montages based on program elements and/or set up tape syncs.

  • Contribute to editorial process. (I want someone with strong understanding of storytelling who will help strengthen the voice and quality of the podcast as it develops.)

  • Write show notes. Upload each episode with show notes on a fairly quick turnaround.

  • Help host prepare for interview.

  • Communicate well with host and Religion Dispatches team.



  • At least three years experience in audio production with proficiency in ProTools, Hindenburg, or similar editing software

  • At least two years of experience in journalism and editorial decision-making/newsroom environment

  • Works well on deadlines

  • Strong communication skills, both written and oral

  • Consistently works well with others, showing at all times respect for the diversity of colleagues at Religion Dispatches and podcast guests

  • Understanding of journalistic ethics



  • Delight in telling great stories that change people’s lives

  • Understanding of how listening habits are changing  

  • Ability to operate with an entrepreneurial spirit and produce high quality content

  • Can work from anywhere, but preference given to qualified applicant based in Chicago area

  • Available to start working as early as August



Taking applications now. Send the following to by August 2 (UPDATE: DEADLINE EXTENDED TO AUGUST 6!) with the subject line: "Freelance Podcast Producer."

  • Statement of interest

  • Resume

  • Links to 3 audio stories/features/podcasts you’ve produced


This podcast is made possible by support from Religion Dispatches and The BTS Center.

My church

The Chicago Tribune featured me and my bookshelf recently and described my space as a sanctuary. How suitable. When I began to process of consciously decoupling from church, books became even more of a refuge. This article highlights a few of the books that have influenced me over the course of my adult life and career as a journalist.

(Taylor Glascock / Chicago Tribune)

(Taylor Glascock / Chicago Tribune)

Announcing One Book, One Church

Hi friends,

I can't believe this is happening.

In December, Erin James-Brown, a pastor from Urban Village Church in Chicago asked me out to coffee. I met her at Metropolis Coffee, a cozy neighborhood cafe on Chicago's North side. Erin was sitting near the front of the cafe with a copy of Rescuing Jesus on the table, which felt totally surreal to see. She had read the book, loved it and wanted her entire church to read the book as, like, one big book club, and she wanted me to speak to the congregation when they had finished.

This is an author's dream come true, so of course I said yes. But then something even cooler happened.

We realized that other communities were responding to Rescuing Jesus with similar enthusiasm, so we opened this up to everyone. Now, Erin and I are running a national, inter-church book club that will read Rescuing Jesus with an eye toward developing concrete strategies for practicing radical inclusion and pursuing authentic social justice. It's called One Book, One Church. 

Over the course of summer 2016, communities across the nation will read Rescuing Jesus together, discuss the material online and participate in online events featuring conversations with the author and leading progressive evangelical thinkers and activists. At the end of the summer One Book, One Church will host a live event with me and special guest panelists. 

I'm so excited to announce that we're launching this this summer 2016 and YOU are invited. If you want your church, small group, book club, campus ministry, blog community or other group to participate, we'd love to help you do that. We're sending out "starter kits" (discussion guides, leader's preparation material, a social media kit, invitations to events, Rescuing Jesus bookmarks (limited!) and more) to anyone who signs up here.

I'll share more details about the events very soon, but for now, I want to mention one that's coming up soon that'll be very important to Rescuing Jesus readers. In June we'll be hosting an online event/discussion about healing from spiritual abuse. We'll draw from mental health professionals and others to discuss self care, identifying spiritual abuse and ways communities can systemically break the cycle of spiritual abuse. I invite you to send me your questions and thoughts on what you'd like this conversation to explore. Feel free to comment below, tweet at me or message me at

Want more info on One Book, One Church? We've got all the details, answers to FAQ and more here.

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